Wednesday, October 22, 2008

holistic nutrition

This week we had a lunch-and-learn at our work about eating healthy. It was really interesting and I'm glad that our workplace organized it. The woman running the 1-hour seminar is a holistic nutrition professional and I found the following items to stand out:

- drink lots of water (8 cups worth per day)
- be wary of juices as they're very high in sugars and very concentrated
- try to stay away from making protein the main focus of your meal
- choose whole wheat
- never drink water (especially cold water) while eating meals
- drinking milk or snacking on a bit of yogurt after supper is good for you AND a good night's sleep
- the fresher vegetables and fruit are the more of their nutrients they retain (so dried fruit has very little)
- Centrum vitamins are believed to be hard to break-down
- peanut oil is best for frying as it can stand high temperatures
- olive oil is okay for pan/light frying stuff

1-hour is really too short to really get any substance out of a seminar related to healthy eating and I'm always weary of any advice people give on health stuff because I hear something different depending on who I'm hearing it from. I also find it suspicious that the health professional will always say that the multi-vitamin that they sell in their office is the best.

I generally think that moderation is the key to good everything.

If you want to check out her website:

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