Sunday, September 5, 2010

apology to our blog

Where has the time gone? When we started Chubbi Bunnies a couple of years ago (June 2008, to be exact), we had the best of intentions to blog all the time.

But then we got lazy.
And busy.
And probably lazy again.

So the blog posts are rare and sporadic, but every time I think about blogging about food, I get excited again and have all these grand schemes in my head.

So, no more grand blog plans - just a simple promise that I will try to blog here at least twice a week.

Starting in October. LOL.

Why October? Because Suzisaurus and I will be travelling to Hong Kong and Tokyo together (along with our husbands) and what better way to "re-launch" the blog than with a TON of foodie photos and adventures halfway around the world?

Stay tuned! We'll be back soon with (hopefully) lots to share and a renewed passion for Chubbi Bunnies!