Thursday, October 30, 2008

dry spell

I've hit a dry spell in my blogging. But don't worry - I'm still eating lots! Things have been really crazy at work, so I've had no energy to blog.

A fast recap of my recent going-on's:

I have fallen in love with Starbucks' Vivanno drinks though. Even though they don't taste super great, they fill me up and I feel like I'm being healthy. They're definitely good for when I'm rushing around and don't have time to stop for food. At least I can last a couple of hours longer!

And, I'm completely addicted to fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. I make a super fast version that is perfect for snacking on when I get hungry & they're oh-so-healthy!

I'm making hot-dogs-wrapped-in-bacon for Halloween! I can't wait!

Posts to look forward to: Ottawa's 23rd Wine & Food Show

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