Sunday, April 18, 2010


My sister went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks and brought me back a SUPER treat.

When my hubby and I went to Vegas back in November, we stayed at the Venetian and every day we had breakfast at the Bouchon Bakery (it was in our hotel lobby). I got to try a different item every day (mmmm, macarons, chocolatines, sticky buns...)

Anyhow, we had told my sister and her husband about the Bakery and they ended up falling in love with it as well. So as a souvenir they brought us back a pack of Bouchon macarons!

Look at them!!! (Did I mention that these are HUGE? Like almost 2.5 inches wide!)

MMM....each one was a different flavour:
- pink: passion fruit (I think - it was fruity)
- green: chocolate mint
- yellow: lemon
- cream: vanilla
- light brown: coffee
- brown: chocolate