Wednesday, August 13, 2008

korean bar-b-q

Korean BBQ is essentially pieces of meat (all kinds) marinated in a Korean sauce and prepared on a little grill. We were contemplating whether to go for Korean BBQ the other night & I was reminded about that time back in university my fiance sent me a link to this really funny and addictive game all based on korean bar-b-q and not burning your meat. Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore, but it was great while it lasted....ah the memories.


Bryan A. said...

mmmmmm KBB. i used to go to the one at hwy 7 / leslie so often that the managers and waiters knew us. didn't even have to order or wait in line. LOL, havn't been in awhile still.. tooo good.


Suziesaurus said...

haha....that's when you know you go to a restaurant way too often. but why mess with a good thing, right? =P