Tuesday, August 12, 2008

the diner's companion

Okay, so this post technically has nothing to do with eating or drinking, but it has to do with dining, so I couldn't resist posting about it.

While dining in Ottawa last month a woman at the table next to us was using a purse hook to hang her purse. This was the first time I had ever seen a purse hook and I was mesmerized. How genius!

For all of you that have also never seen or heard of a purse hook, it’s simply a hook that allows a person to hook their purse/bag to the side of a table. So instead of putting your favorite bag on the dirty floor, or have it take up valuable chair space, or hang it on the back of your chair where you can’t keep an eye on it – it’s hooked under your table where you can easily keep an eye on it and rest assured that it’s not picking up any floor germs.

I did some searching on the internet and found lots of different types of purse hooks. But I wanted to find the one the woman next to us was using, because it was so simple and chic looking. I finally found it at: luxelink.com. Unfortunately it's a little pricey for something I technically don't need. But still a very cool thing to have.

Image from: luxelink.com

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