Thursday, August 14, 2008


Before I stopped off at Brus' I bought the cheapest jar of jam from the grocery store to spread on bread for breakfast at work. It was disgusting and I couldn't even finish the 1st piece of toast. That's how bad it was!

So during a recent excursion I picked up a jar of home-made jam from Brus' Orchids & Winery located in Tillsonburg, Ontario to see if there was a drastic difference.

Brus' carries: apples, cider, honey, berries, sweet corn, goat cheese, eggs, and various other products produced on site. They also sell jars of bee pollen. Cinnamon Kitten mentioned that she had read that bee pollen was actually very good for us. But since i'm allergic to bee pollen I decided to do a bit more investigating before buying some to try.

I'll stick with jam for now...

Aunt Lena's Preserves
Cran-Rasberry Jam
Cost: $3.25 per 250mL jar

I've been eating this jam on english muffins for the past week and it is so good! It's sweet and flavorful, but not tart at all! The taste is strong, but lovely. Definitely loving this new jam. Hail the homemade jams!

For more information about Brus':

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