Sunday, January 10, 2010

cheeseburger cupcakes!

I've been using twitter lately, and it's great because it introduces me to lots of new and awesome things.

Just recently I blogged about Sweet Things which I found through one of the people I follow on twitter, and tonight I found another awesome link at cheeseburgercupcake!

She has a "how-to" on her page and I cannot wait to try it out (maybe next weekend). I've seen hamburger cakes (via Sweet Things), but since I'm not as skilled of a baker & cake decorator these cupcakes seem more like something I might be able to pull off. Wouldn't these make the perfect dessert at a bar-b-q?

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SweetThingsTO said...

Have you seen bakerella's site? She has lots of tutorials and also fast food :-)

Suziesaurus said...

Thanks for the link SweetThingsTO! I'll check it out now!