Saturday, December 13, 2008

ann's shortbread cookies - part 2

This morning before we ran around Mississauga running errands we baked shortbread cookies! We used thre recipe from my good friend Yen's sister, but this time instead of using the cookie gun (which I gave up on) we hand shaped them.

I got the idea of the look from the package of shortbread cookies my sister bought at the holiday trunk show. Of course my cookies were NOWHERE as good as those, but they were so much easier to make than using that cookie gun.

Because they turned out so much thicker than those the cookie-gun resulted in, they were a little too rich and decadent. So next time I'm making them thinner. They were still super tasty. I love this recipe! It's so simple, but so good!

To read the original post (which lists the ingredients), click here.

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