Thursday, October 9, 2008

restaurant review: bondi

Restaurant: bondi the Australian bar and kitchen
Location: 333 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA
Telephone: (619) 342-0212

Meal type: Lunch

Average price per person: $11-$25

What I ordered: vegetable sandwich (served with fries)


Located in the historic gastown area of San Diego, me & my coworkers found bondi to be the perfect place to catch a quick lunch. We were able to sit outside in the beautiful weather and soak in the sun rays, scenery and passerbyers.

The menu description: “A satisfying filling of grilled mushrooms, sweet potato, baby greens, fresh tomato, avocado and mustard mayonnaise on crisp grilled ciabatta”.

I really enjoyed my vegetable sandwhich. Anyone who knows me well will probably be suprised by that last statement as I’m not a huge fan of vegetables at all. Everything about the sandwich was tasty together and seperately – the grilled mushrooms, the sweet potato, the ciabatta.

I really enjoyed bondi. For a bar type restaurant it was very chic looking, the staff was friendly, and they served great food.

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