Friday, October 10, 2008

san diego chronicles: pinkberry

While looking for a place to eat in San Diego with my co-workers I saw uber excited to see a pinkberry. Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt store that Dave told me about while we were in New York city. I didn't get to try it while in NYC, so after lunch on the way back to the tradeshow I stopped by pinkberry and chose a small green tea frozen yogurt.

I absoulutely love green tea ice cream, so i figured green tea yogurt would be cool to try. I was not dissappointed. It was tart and fresh tasting, with that subtle green tea taste. The small was $3.50 USD, but you definitely got $3.50 worth!

Other offerings from pinkberry include:
- Original frozen yogurt
- Coffee froze yogurt
- Fresh fruit shaved ice (strawberries + banana + kiwi + pineapple)
- Green tea shaved ice (kiwi + green tea frozen yogurt)
- Pinkberry smoothie (frozen yogurt + strawberries + rasberries + blueberries + blackberries)
- Green tea smoothie (frozen yogurt + green tea)


Miguelito y Claribelita said...

OMG! The shaved ice is so good, but it takes 2 people to eat it! It weighs like 2 pounds... It is so delicious and worth the money! The one at the Irvine Spectrum makes the best!!!!!!

Suziesaurus said...

Whoa - now I wish I had tried the shaved ice!