Wednesday, September 3, 2008

restaurant review: congee queen

Restaurant: Congee Queen
Location: 895 Lawrence Ave. East, Unit 8, North York, Ontario
Telephone: 416-916-0338

Meal type: Lunch

Average price per person: $0-$10

What I ordered (shared dishes):
- Spice & Pepper Salt Squid (pictured)
- Minced Beef Congee
- General Tao Chicken Rice
- Dough Fritter Rice Noodle Roll


I really enjoy going to Congee Queen. They've managed to take the usual dingy congee restaurants that are typical and updated it and taken it to the next level in dining standards. It's 1 of my parent's regular restaurants. And although I'm not a huge fan of congee myself, I still enjoy eating there. Their portions are very generous, the food is consistantly tasty, the service is fast and efficient and the atmosphere is modern and clean. I've only been to their North York location though.

My favorite dish is the spice & pepper salt squid. This time we decided to try the general tao chicken rice and it was so yummy. It came with a small mountain (shaped like a pyrmaid of course) of rice. Next time I don't think we'll order so many fried dishes as they were very filling, but I still enjoyed the food very much. And between 4 adults we still had leftovers - what a great deal!

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