Sunday, September 7, 2008

new york chronicles: coming up

So we made reservations for Gordon Ramsay's Maze, but unfortunlately Mario Batalli's Babbo is under construction, so we couldn't get reservations for there.

We are gonna try to eat at another restaurant, which I can't remember the name of at this moment - it's supposidely Jamie Oliver's favorite restaurant in New York city. I'm keeping my finger's crossed that we can get a table for lunch or dinner because they don't take reservations.

Another restaurant on our dining itinerary while in NY is Kyotofu ( We found out about it while looking for a place to stay in NY. According to their site, they won New York Magazine's Best Cupcake in 2007. It looks really cute and their menu sounds very cool! =)

I can't wait! it's a foodie's dream!

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