Saturday, August 30, 2008

restaurant review: milestones restaurant

Restaurant: Milestones Restaurant
Location: 17-3401 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-789-9940

Meal type: Brunch

Average price per person: $11-$25

What I ordered:
- Eggs Milestones (pictured below)


We recently discovered that Milestones now serves brunch. I`ve been there before and was really impressed by my dish - the prime rib hash (pictured at the beginning of the post), so I was excited to go back and try another dish. This time I opted for the eggs Milestones and it was delicious. I love hollaindaise sauce! I definitely want to learn to make it at home.

Unfortunately our waitress was horrible. She only had a handful of tables to serv eand spent most of her time at the largest table and almost completely ignored the rest of her customers. And the Yorkville Milestones is definitely dated in it`s decor. You can tell it`s 1 of the older locations.

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