Thursday, July 31, 2008

restaurant review: wasabi

Restaurant: Wasabi
Location: 668 Silver Star Blvd., Scarborough, Ontario
Telephone: (416) 226-9988

Meal type: Dinner (buffet style)

Average price per person: $22.99 per person

What I ordered:
- Spicy & Crispy roll
- Spicy Salmon roll
- Dragon roll (with Salmon)
- BBQ beef ribs
- Eel hand roll
- Salmon Sashimi
- Shrimp Tempura
- Sirloin steak
- Sea eel Sushi
- Green tea ice cream


We usually visit Wasabi for lunch buffet, but decided to try out their dinner service. Usually when we're there for lunch we're always turned off by the horrible & slow service. But we keep going back for more because their buffet selection is quite good and the decor is clean and modern. So we were quite pleased when we got acceptable service during our dinner. It was by far exceptional service, but much better than our usual experience.

A few hiccups to dinner: a) The Spicy & Crispy roll was a huge dissappointment - I expected that it would be a Spicy & Crispy SALMON roll, but it was just a Tempura batter/Spicy Mayo/cucumber roll. b) The Shrimp tempura was not the light and flaky "real" tempura batter. c) The Spicy mayo was not spicy at all & all you could taste was the mayo.

A few highlights to dinner: a) the Salmon sashimi was excellent. b) The BBQ beef ribs and Sirloin steak were very yummy. c) a very large menu with lots to choose from.

All-on-all we were satisfied and came out stuffed silly with sushi. We will most likely be going back in the future.

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