Friday, July 25, 2008

restaurant review: mckenzie king tearoom

Restaurant: McKenzie King Tearoom
Location: 33 Scott Road, Chelsea, Quebec
Meal type: Lunch

Average price per person: $11-$20 CAD

What we had (pictured):
~ ham & cheese quiche with side salad
~ afternoon tea (assorted sandwiches, scone, desserts, tea)


The McKenzie King tearoom is located in Gatineau Park on the McKenzie King Estate. The estate belonged to Canada's 10th prime minister and showcases his love of nature and architecture. The tearoom is located in one of the prime minister's former cottages (pictured).

This was my very first time having "afternoon tea". And what better way to enjoy afternoon tea than staring out onto a beautiful garden from a nice patio on a bright, sunny summer day. The food was very light, refreshing and very tasty. Our food took quite a while, but I hardly noticed because I was too busy just enjoying the nice scenery. The waiter apologized and explained that they were prepping for a wedding for later on that day. I could have done without the bugs, but it was rainy the day before, so the bugs in the early afternoon were inevitable.

The tearoom is a great alternative to the snack bar or bringing your own picnic lunch. It has a charming dining room as well as patio and you really can't beat that view.

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