Monday, July 7, 2008

big fat chinese wedding

On the weekend we attended a Chinese wedding reception at Golden Regency Restaurant (located in Pacific Mall). I think in most cultures, good food in abundance is key to a great wedding, but Chinese weddings take the cake - they are usually 10+ courses!

The menu:
Course 1 - Roasted whole suckling pig - served peking duck style (pictured)
Course 2 - Deep fried crab claws (pictured)
Course 3 - Stir fried jumbo shrimp & scallops with vegetables
Course 4 - Braised shark's fin soup with crab meat & fungus (pictured)
Course 5 - Braised dry scallops and sliced abalone clam with vegetables
Course 6 - Deep fried crispy chicken
Course 7 - Stir fried lobsters in supreme sauce with ginger & green onions
Course 8 - Steamed seasonal fish
Course 9 - House fried rice
Course 10 - Braised E-fu noodles
Course 11 - dessert & coffee

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