Friday, January 15, 2010

wasabi (mississauga)

Me and Dave had dinner at Wasabi Japanese Buffet (Mississauga location) tonight. I am STUFFED!

It's brand new and it's gigantic! It's so much better than the other locations we've been to in Scarborough and Richmond Hill! The service is 100-times better and there is a lot more food to choose from.

But, I think my favourite is still Prince Sushi for Japanese buffets in Mississauga. If you can get a table at Prince Sushi and like more authentic Japanese food I would recommend it.

If you're wanting to try out either Wasabi Japanese Buffet or Prince Sushi they're located on Hwy. 10 (Hurontario) at the Courtney Park AMC complex.


Anonymous said...

where is it?

Suziesaurus said...

Hi reader,

It's located at the intersection of: Cortney Park Dr. E. and Hurontario St. (a.k.a. Hwy 10) in Mississauga, Ontario

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