Wednesday, February 4, 2009

puff pastry dessert

This evening for dessert I whipped up a simple (but oh so yummy) dessert that Dave's mom taught us how to make many years ago.

All you need is:
- puff pastry that you can buy at almost any grocery store (in the frozen goodds section)
- fruit (I used apples and frozen berries)
- sugar
- egg

1) Unroll the defrosted puff pastry on a cookie sheet using the parchment paper it comes with to line the pan.
2) Mix the fruit in a bowl with some sugar to sweeten.
3) Fold the puff pastry's courners towards the centre making a cute little package.
4) Brush the pastry with a beaten egg.
5) Bake according to puff pastry's instructions.

And voila! One delicious and easy dessert!

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