Sunday, January 25, 2009

chinese new year dinner

Last night we had dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year. Although Chinese New Year isn't until Monday - Saturday fit everyone's schedule a bit better, so we decided to have it on the weekend.

So much meat! Roast duck (pictured above), sweet & sour port (pictured below), chicken, bar-b-q pork, abalone and pig's feet. Definitely no vegetarians in our families. My mom said that for Chinese New Year it's almost a rule to have lots of meat.

This morning I awoke and my mom was already prepping to make one of my favourites - turnip cake! It's a pretty lengthy process so I'm glad I also bought a store turnip cake so I could have some for breakfast. It's funny because "turnip cake" sounds so totally unappetizing.

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Joshua Wong said...

That looks *sooooo* good! o_O