Monday, December 22, 2008

robert irvine

Ever watched the Food Network's show Dinner Impossible? I catch it here and there, and lately was wondering what happened to the original chef - Robert Irvine, as the chef featured is now Michael Symon (which is also on Iron Chef Amarica).

According to a msn online article I JUST read, his contract with the Food Network was terminated due to the fact that he embellished and fabricated a lot of his credentials.

I looked in to it a bit more and according to wiki:

"Dinner Impossible was hosted by Chef Robert Irvine for four seasons. A scandal erupted in 2008 regarding 'embellishments and inaccuracies in Irvine's resume' which came to light in the media. These included claims that Irvine helped design Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer's wedding cake, worked at the White House, and graduated from the University of Leeds. Food Network subsequently released Irvine from his contract and replaced him with Chef Michael Symon, who hosted the show for ten episodes beginning in mid-2008. However, on November 20, 2008, Food Network announced that it would reinstate Irvine as host for six additional episodes to begin airing in March 2009."

I cannot wait to have my own television and Food Network. I'll be so completely addicted.

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