Tuesday, December 23, 2008

restaurant review: sakai

Restaurant: Sakai Japanese & Korean Cuisine
Location: 4155 Fairview Street, Burlington, ON L7L 2A4
Telephone: 905-333-6585
Website: sakai-restaurant.com

Meal type: Dinner

Average price per person: $26-$60

What I ordered:
- Sushi Starter Appetizer
- Shrimp Tempura Appetizer
- Black Dragon Maki (BBQ Eeal and avacado wrapped around California maki)
- Green tea


I had dinner with my friend at Sakai in Burlington. I've never been there, but I was hankering for some a la carte sushi and always like to try new places!

We nibbled on tempura and sushi appetizers which were very tasty.

For the main I had the Black Dragon Maki. It was very tasty & I really enjoyed it.

My friend had a Korean rice dish called Bee Bim Bap (pictured above). I don't know too much about Korean food, so I was quite intrigued. The menu describes the Dol Shot Bee Bim Bap as an "assortment of blanched vegetables, marinated beef and fried egg served in a sizzling stone bowl, served with a spicy mixing sauce". Unfortunately the rice and other ingredients were not cooked in the stone bowl, thus it wasn't entirely authentic.

I definitely enjoyed Sakai. It is very cute restaurant and the service was very good. I wouldn't say it was the best sushi place I've been there, but definitely another place I'd visit again.

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