Wednesday, October 15, 2008

restaurant review: the olive press

Restaurant: The Olive Press
Location: 2322 Dundas Street West, Oakville, Ontario L6M 4J3
Telephone: 905-827-4241

Meal type: Dinner

Average price per person: $26-$60

What I ordered:
-Calamari Fritti
-Small Carbonara Pizza
-Limoncello & mint ice cream


We tried out a new restaurant in Burlington the other night. It sits all by itself nestled in with some houses, but from the busy parking lot I could tell immediately it was a popular place to eat. The restaurant looked brand new & much like another box restaurant, but inside it looked like a chic Italian eatery. It wasn't the coziest eatery, but very nice indeed - perfect for Burlington.

The food was good and the portions were quite huge. I think my favorite part of the dinner (besides the company of course) was the ice cream! My friend mentioned the wine infused ice cream and though it sounded very tempting, I'm not the hugest fan of wine so I chose the limoncello & mint flavour. It was delicious and refreshing! I'd go back JUST for the ice cream! I wish I could buy a quart of the wine infused ice cream for my brother-in-law (the wine conisseur) to try.
Sorry - I keep forgetting to take pictures of my food, but I'll try to remember next time!

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the restaurant is not in is in oakville