Friday, October 3, 2008

restaurant review: maze

Restaurant: Maze
Location: 151 West 54th St., New York 10019
Telephone: 212-468-8889

Meal type: Dinner

Average price per person: $26-$60

What I ordered:
- spare rib ravioli
- smoked pork belly with roasted scottish langoustine, celeriac, apple gastrique


We were really excited to visit a restaurant by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (from shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares).

The first thing that hit us when we arrived was the chic, but relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant.

The waitress informed us that the menu was comprised of dishes that were all tasting portions (meaning very small usually), and suggested that for a full meal we order 3-4 dishes per person. This came to a suprise to us as it didn't mention that anywhere on the website. I guess we should have been suspicious by the low prices.

We ended up ordering 2 dishes each only. I wasn't extremely hungry and didn't want to stuff myself again. Which is good, because even just the 2 dishes left me full. We noshed on the extremely fresh bread while we waited for our dishes to arrive.

The plating very pretty, and all the dishes were very, very nicely balanced. My spare rib ravioli was so cute and sat on a bed of sweet sauce that was so tasty. And the saltiness of the pork belly was well balanced by the sweet celeriac (celery root), the neutral langoustine (prawn) and the sweet apple gastrique.

I was able to steal some of Dave's ice cream(he ordered a cheesecake that came with pistachio ice cream) and really enjoyed it too.

We also really enjoyed the complimentary truffles that came at the end. They tasted like liquified Almond Rocca. I love how upsacle restaurants always give you suprise treats during your meal.

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