Wednesday, October 1, 2008

food as art

While touring New York City we had a chance to stop by MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art) and we saw a few exhibits that were food related. One was a giant slice of cake that was very large and looked to be made of painted cloth (pictured below). It is done by Claes Oldenburg, which I think also created the giant hamburger that I have seen that is in the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario).

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If you don't already know, I love fake food. I loved playing with fake food when I was younger, I always loved seeing fake food displayed outside of cafe-type restaurants in Hong Kong, and I am always tempted to buy things nowadays when it's of the fake food variety.

We also saw the iconic piece comprised of many cans of Cambell's soup by Andy Warhol (pictured below). I didn't realize each can was a seperate piece of work. Can you imagine trying to line up all those seperate pieces? Definitely need a laser leveller for that job.

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