Saturday, September 27, 2008

restaurant review: aoki japanese restaurant

Restaurant: Aoki Japanese Restaurant
Location: 234 West 48th Street, New York 10036
Telephone: 212-956-2356

Meal type: Dinner

Average price per person: $26-$60

What I ordered (shared):
- Green tea
Aoki Grande Sushi and Sashimi for 2
- 15 pieces of sashimi
- 8 pieces of sushi
- eel avocado roll
- crunchy lobster salad topped with tuna


We were undecided on what to eat our first night in NYC, so we agreed on the 1 thing we always agree on - sushi! We picked this place randomely because it looked busy (always a good sign) and very chic, but comfortable. It definitely had a good atmosphere.

We ordered a dinner for 2 not expecting the portions to be so generous., but when our beautiful plate of dinner came we knew we would be wasting food. The sashimi was huge and very fresh and I absolutely loved the eel avacado roll which reminded us of peanut butter for some reason.

We definitely enjoyed our NYC sushi experience!

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