Thursday, September 25, 2008

new york chronicles: minamoto kitchoan

While walking around Rockefeller Centre Plaza we peeked in to this Japanese bakery and I fell in love with these cute bunny shaped cakes, so I just had to go inside to check it out. It sold traditional Japanese treats made in Japan and imported to North America.

Store: Minamoto Kitchoan
Location: 608 Fifth Ave., New York 10020
Telephone: 212-489-3747

I bought a Fukuwatashiesenbei cookie (pictured below) and Dave bought a Kurimanjyu bean cake. We sat outside Rockefeller Centre and enjoyed our treasures.

I love Japanese treats because they're usually so prettily made and packaged/wrapped. So much care goes in to making it special. My Fukuwatashiesenbei was basically a cookie sandwich with a cream filling. It was oh-so-yummy. The cream wasn't heavy, but suprisingly light and it was so subtle and airy. I was suprised that something so beautiful was so simple and not pretentious at all. Dave laughed at me when I described it that way.

I usually wouldn't spend $2+ on a single cookie, but it's not everyday you run across fresh imported Japanese goodies of this calibre (at least not around where I live/work).

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