Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I hope all our Canadian readers out there are had an awesome long weekend!

One of my favorite long weekend past-times is going camping! And one of my favorite things about camping is being around the campfire. And what is a must when you’re around the campfire? Making the classic camp goodies - s’mores!

For anyone who doesn’t know what a s’more is – it’s basically a piece of chocolate and toasted marshmallow sandwich between graham crackers (it's tastier than the picture alludes to). I’m not usually a marshmallow fan, but the smell and crispy shell of a toasted marshmallow makes me salivate. They're definitely not the healthiest of snack choices, but everything in moderation is okay, right?. =)

It’s usually a 2+ person operation to assemble quickly and efficiently so you can bite into it while it's still warm and gooey, and it’s super messy to eat, but they’re so good.

Nowadays they have those individually packaged s’more snacks, but they're totally not the same.

Image from: wikipedia.org

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