Thursday, August 7, 2008

bubble tea

While blogging about dinner at go for tea, I was reminded that I haven't yet blogged about bubble tea. After some quick searching on wiki I've discovered that it originated in Taiwan in the 80's before making its debut in Canada. It's pretty main-stream now and can even be found in specialty cafes, many Asian restaurants, and even shopping mall food courts (think Bubble Tease). For those of you not familiar with bubble tea, it is a sweetened tea based drink most commonly with black tapioca balls in it.

I have to admit I thought it looked gross when I first saw it. And it took me a couple of times to get used to the sensation of those large tapioca balls in my mouth, but after a while I was hooked.

There are so many choices to make when it comes to bubble tea: size, black tea or green tea, milk or no milk, tapioca balls or fruit jellies, slush or cold or hot, etc. Ordering one is just as confusing as ordering a drink at Starbucks!

For those of you wondering, you can make bubble tea at home - they even sell bubble tea making kits! We tried it a couple of times, way back when, with some mixed results. Next time its attempted you'll sure to see the process and result details. But for now I'll let the professionals handle it.
My personal favorite is the traditional milk black tea with tapioca.

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