Tuesday, July 29, 2008

oh my god - please keep me away from the bookstore...

Yes, I did it again. I went to the bookstore and bought TWO MORE food books! Someone please stop me!

Well, in my defense, I bought these two books for my husband. We've been spending a lot of this summer grilling our dinners, which means he's doing the cooking (I love it and he's great at it) so I picked up these two books to add to our growing collection of grilling-related food books (it's sad that my food book collection is so freaking large now that it can actually have SUB-sections!!!)

Anyhow, again, I'll review the books more once we try out a few recipes, but here's what I got:

From what I could see during the "flip-through", there's tons of great tips and quick recipes for the grill in this small-sized book. We recently ventured into beer-can chicken on the grill territory and it's really delicious!

We've been making our own pizza a lot lately, both with homemade dough, and also a quicker version using pitas. We buy sliced pepperoni, fresh toppings and I make my own pizza sauce.

With the warm summer months, instead of making pizzas in the oven or toaster oven, we've been doing it on the grill, so as soon as I saw this book, I had to grab it.

Someone please stop this book-buying addiction of mine!!!

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