Wednesday, July 9, 2008

chicago chronicles: wow bao

"Bao" is the Chinese word for buns. And WOW BAO is a cafe type fast-food chain that serves steamed “bao”. Don't be fooled, these aren't just the typical "bao" you find in Chinese bakeries or at Dim Sum restaurants. Some of the “bao” you’ll find on their menu include: teriyaki chicken, Thai curry chicken, spicy Mongolian beef to name a few.

My final verdict: I think the concept is genius and their execution impressive - they’ve succeeded in bringing “bao” to the masses and make them mainstream. That being said, I think I still prefer the traditional BBQ pork “bao” (which are usually larger and cheaper) over the fancy stuff. I still hope the chain opens more stores - maybe 1 day they'll arrive in Toronto!

Check out their website here:

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