Wednesday, June 25, 2008

t&t supermarkets

As I was posting about the upcoming new gourmet grocery store McEwan I got to thinking about another one of my favorite grocery stores – T&T Supermarket. This is a Chinese grocery chain that started in British Columbia, Canada.

They have lots of prepared foods (including Sushi and various Dim Sum), a section to sit and eat your goodies, a bakery, fresh seafood, and aisles and aisles of Asian groceries. They also have amazing sales once in a while. And did I mention the oodles of free samples on weekends?

T&T has successfully integrated the Asian market with a grocery store we are more accustomed to in North America. The result is a clean and efficient supermarket with lots of variety and exotic foods. The Downtown Toronto location even has a shuttle service! This is one smart corporation.

My only complaint is that it can get a bit crazy there on the weekends.

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